Demand Peace

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Demand Peace's operational emblem

Demand Peace is an organization led by Royan Jahee that has sprung up within the fleet seeking peace with the Cylons. They operate out of Cloud Nine. Their ideology has gained significant traction amongst the civilian population of the fleet as more and more people have begun to realise that the fleet's "attack and retreat" tactics couldn't possible produce a victory against the Cylons. They have recently started making violent protests, striking against the fleet's military assets, such as the ammunition stores of the battlestar Galactica and ore processing operations on the tylium refinery ship Daru Mozu.

Demand Peace's manifesto pamphelt

Their first known action began by sneaking a Demand Peace mole, Asha Janik, aboard Galactica to work as a civilian munitions worker. While there she worked to sabatoge Galactica's Vipers by producing faulty hollow-rounds for their guns. She was later captured and interrogated by Galactica crew members. The next act of sabotage took place about the tyllium refinery ship Daru Mozu, where Demand Peace members snuck aboard the ship and detonated a bomb close to its FTL drive.

Most recently the group was provided with a nuclear divice by Vice President Dr. Gaius Baltar in order to aid Demand Peace member and Humano-Cylon agent Gina.


The "Demand Peace" pamphlet read by Galactica's senior officers in "Epiphanies" contains the following statements:


[...]This is our cause. This is your cause.

OUR CAUSE WILL SAVE MANKIND Commander Adama would have you believe that he will save us. But can one man claim ?? to save the future of all mankind? Clearly the task is too great for a warrior. It demands the perspective of a statesman and a historian. In short a democratic council. Is this what we have? Despite lip service to the processes of democracy the [...]

WE BELIEVE 1. Only open dialogue can save mankind. 2. The military is the servant, not the masters, of the fleet. 3. The cylons will respond to reasonable dialogue. 4. Democracy is the key to responsible decision making for the future of mankind. 5. Man and Cylons can coexist in peace. 6. We are at the dawn of a new beginning for mankind. 7. The enemies of peace are the enemies of mankind.


Additionally, Saul Tigh quotes the following passage: "Do not be afraid. We are not terrorists, but we will not sit back while Adama's war machine continues to press us into cruel and futile conflict."