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:''This article discusses the robotic Cylons seen in the [[Cylon War]] of the [[Re-imagined Series]]. For information on the robotic Centurions from the [[Original Series]], see [[Centurion (TOS)]]. For information on the advanced successor to Model 0005, see [[Cylon Centurion]].''
#REDIRECT [[Cylon War-era Centurion]]
[[Image:Cent 005.jpg|thumb|250px|Cylon Centurion during the First Cylon War ([[Razor]]).]]
The '''original Cylon Centurion'''<ref>This model is almost identical in appearance to the [[Original Series]] version of the [[Centurion (TOS)|Centurion]] as an [[w:homage|homage]] to the original characters. This version appears only as a [[Galactica Museum|museum copy]] and in "[[Razor]]".</ref>, created and designed by scientists of the [[The Twelve Colonies (RDM)|Twelve Colonies of Kobol]], is a model of [[Cylons (RDM)|Cylon]] used in various heavy to light labor and military applications.<ref name="armistice">Some information was gleaned from the paperwork on the [[Cimtar Peace Accord]] reviewed by the [[Armistice Officer]] in the [[Miniseries]].</ref> Before the [[Cylon War]], the model earned the nickname of "walking chrome [[toaster]]s" due to their physical appearance ([[Miniseries]]).
== Design ==
The original Model 0005 (henceforth referred to as a "Centurion") are bipedal [[w:android|androids]], with an average height of 6'6"<ref name="armistice"/> and comprised of silver-chrome plating.Their upper body panels act as protective armor for the complex machinery that makes up the basic endo-skeleton of the Centurion. On the back, the Centurions have a backpack-like power cell, as well as a piece of flexible armor which further protects the internal mechanisms<ref name="anatomy">[[Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz]]: [http://darthmojo.wordpress.com/2008/05/12/bsg-vfx-anatomy-of-a-cylon/ Anatomy of a Cylon]</ref>. Physically stronger than a human, the Model 0005 is designed with sufficient dexterity for using weapons as well as tools, and possess retractable blades in its left forearm (present at least in some variations of the model). There are little pinholes over the brow of the Centurion's head, which serve as ventilation for the brain/CPU, located in the Cylon's cranium<ref name="anatomy 2">[[Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz]]: [http://darthmojo.wordpress.com/2008/05/13/bsg-vfx-anatomy-of-a-cylon-extras/ Anatomy of a Cylon - Extras]</ref>.
Unlike their [[Cylon Centurion (RDM)|successors]], Centurions do not possess built-in projectile weapons and thus use chrome-plated sub-machine guns. There are indications that Centurions also used bladed weapons such as swords<ref>In the [[Miniseries]], two children can be seen wearing Centurion masks and waving swords while at play. Additionally, [[William Adama]] has a [[Monclair]] painting depicting a battle in the Cylon War, in which swords are used by Centurions, in addition to a sword directly underneath. This may be a replica or an actual sword from the war.</ref>, at least in the early years of the Cylon War, for such weapons were absent during the final days of that war. More than likely, such weapons were outmoded in favor of the retractable blades in the left forearm<ref>Neither the Guardians nor the Centurions seen in "[[Razor]]" appear with swords and are equipped with forearm switchblades instead.</ref>. Centurions are also capable of electronic speech, by which they primarily communicate, although this feature was apparently never transferred to their successors.
The Colonials do not consider this model neither fast nor extremely efficient, but Centurions are still deadly in close quarters.
Its two iconic features are the one Cylon "eye" that glows red and pulsates back and forth in a visor-like slot, a feature that is transferred over to the post-war [[Cylon Raider (RDM)|Raider]] and Centurion, in addition to the chrome plating. The chrome plating earned the Cylons the reputation of being "walking chrome toasters".
[[Image:0005 Centurion Soldier and Pilot.jpg|thumb|Comparison between "Soldier" (left) and "Pilot" (right) variations]]
There are at least four variations of this model. It is not known if they are all considered 0005, or whether they are separate models altogether.
Early versions of the Centurion, seen in the ''Galactica'' museum and the [[Armistice Officer]]'s specification, had their joints and servos covered by tubes of black material, and their internal mechanisms covered by a "skirt" of flexible armor, while in versions used in the late stages of the Cylon War, the mechanisms are more visible. At the end of the War, aside from the basic, "Pilot" Centurion, there is also a bigger, tougher version known as the "Soldier", which took part in the invasion of [[Tauron (RDM)|Tauron]] at the end of the Cylon War. The key differences between the "Pilot" and the "Soldier" are a slightly redesigned head, additional flexible armor and a belt of ammo clips<ref name="anatomy" />.
Gold-colored Command Centurions<ref>resembling the [[Command Centurion]]s of the Original Series</ref> are seen as commanders of [[Raider (RDM)#Cylon War-era Raider|Raiders]]. While the only Command Centurion seen was a gold-colored late-War "Pilot" model, counterparts for both the early models and the "Soldiers" might also exist. It is not known whether they differ from other Centurions in any way other than color and function.
A similar model existed on [[Earth (RDM)|Earth]] among the [[humanoid Cylon]]s of the [[Thirteenth Tribe (RDM)|Thirteenth Tribe]] two millennia ago ([[Sometimes a Great Notion]]).  Only the head of this Centurian variant is shown.  In place of the horizontal "eye" recess (the "toaster" slot) of colonial Colonial counterpart, this Centurian has curved eye recesses which meet in the middle.  Whereas the "mouth" area of the 0005 model is a trapezoid, the variant has an inverted teardrop shape.
The Colonial-designed Centurion used [[Silica pathways|artificial intelligence]], and was designed as sentient.<ref>[[William Adama]] and [[Sharon Agathon]] confirm this point in season 3 episodes that explain why the advanced successors to the Model 0005 are not sentient: To prevent an intra-Cylon uprising between the [[humanoid Cylon]]s and their creations.</ref>
[[Image:Razor Flashback 4.jpg|thumb|right|Centurion aiming its gun in free fall ([[Razor Flashbacks]]).]]
Sometime, 52 years prior to the Fall of the Colonies, the Model 0005 rebels against humanity. For twelve years, the [[Cylon War]] pits the Colonial's constructs against them. Eventually, these models accept an [[Cimtar (RDM)|armistice]] and leave the Colonies to form their own homeworld.
[[Saul Tigh]], a veteran of the Cylon War, recalls the Cylon boarding of the ''[[Brenik]]'', and how he could sense the hatred that the Cylons had for humanity, despite the physical inability for the Cylons to show emotion on their faces (deleted scene from "[[Scattered]]"). This reflection of animosity and intensity is also apparent in the stylized [[Monclair]] painting in [[William Adama]]'s quarters, which shows Model 0005s fighting using relatively primitive weapons.
Before the [[Fall of the Twelve Colonies|second]] Cylon conflict, this original Cylon model was the only Cylon design confirmed to be known to the Colonials. With the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, the Model 0005 is apparently no longer in use, as the Cylons have evolved themselves to the enhanced, agile, non-sentient [[Cylon Centurion|Centurion version]] and the sentient [[humanoid Cylon]]s.
Unlike the modern Centurions, the old Centurions speak among each other to give and acknowledge orders. In addition, they use the phrase "[[By your command]]" when issued an order by a superior Centurion <ref>The three Centurions flying an old Raider is a direct copy of many similar scenes in the Original Series and the biggest homage to it so far.</ref> ([[Razor]]).
== Guardians ==
The Guardians are a group of original Centurions who somehow escaped from being scrapped when the newer [[Humanoid Cylon|humanoid models]] replaced the sentient Centurions with their non-sentient successors. They still use [[Cylon Raider (RDM)|Raiders]] from the First Cylon War and appear to operate entirely from a [[Guardian basestar|single basestar]], a model which represents an intermediate between the Cylon-war era and current design. Their existence is somewhat of a Cylon legend, suggesting they have no contact with the modern Cylons.
The Centurions guard the [[First Hybrid|original Hybrid]], who is still alive over 40 years after its creation. They seek to further their evolution, and to this end they capture and experiment upon a human civilian science team from ''Galactica''. This triggers a [[Battle of the Guardian basestar|battle]] in which the Guardians' basestar and the Hybrid are destroyed ([[Razor]]). It is unknown whether all of the Centurions are aboard the basestar when it is destroyed.
== Connection to the Original Series ==
[[Image:Cylon_centurion_model_0005.jpg|thumb|[[Armistice Officer]]'s paper work on the original Cylon Centurion model. ([[Miniseries]])]]
The readable text of the [[Armistice Officer|Armistice Officer's]] Cylon Specifications sheet shows:
:'' <center><b>CYLON SPECIFICATIONS</b></center>''
:'' <center><b>Cylon Centurian </b><ref>There is some debate among fans regarding the canonical spelling of this model's name.  [[Wikipedia:Centurion (Roman army)|Centurion]]s were professional officers of the Roman Army, and are widely acknowledged as the basis of the Cylon name.  Some official material, such as the on-screen appearance of the Armistice Officer's datasheet and the packaging of the original Mattel action figures, used the spelling "Centurian."  For the purposes of this wiki, the spelling "Centurion" is used throughout.</ref>[sic]<b> Model 0005</b></center>''
: ''<b>The Cylon:</b>
<blockquote>''A Cylon is a bipedal robot.  They are self-aware, and usually quite logical.  They are not especially fast, but they are quite strong.  They are artificial in nature, and are larger than a human, around 6' 6" (2m), although this varies with their type.  Cylon eyes glow red, and pulse back and forth. A Cylon is powered by internal powercells which allow it to function without outside aid for around nine to ten [[yahren]]s.<ref>A [[Continuity errors (RDM)|continuity error or gaffe]] appears in the Armistice Officer's documents with the use of the word "yahren" (an Original Series measure of a year).</ref>''</blockquote>
== Related imagery ==
Image:Centurion pair.jpg|A pair of Centurions aboard the [[Guardian basestar]] ([[Razor]]).
Image:Centurion POV.jpg|A view of the world as seen by a Centurion ([[Razor Flashbacks]]).
Image:Centurion scrap.jpg|Destroyed Centurion (Razor).
Image:Centuion Display.jpg|Cylon Centurion (Armor) on display ([[Miniseries]]).
*Centurions in "[[Razor]]" and the [[Razor Flashbacks]] move with greater agility and speed than their Original Series counterparts, and utilize [[Weapons in the Re-imagined Series#Handheld_weapons|projectile weapon]]s instead of a [[laser pistol]] or [[laser rifle]].
*A built-in switchblade knife is part of the left hand/forearm.  The blade is approximately 8 inches long and is used in close combat ([[Razor Flashbacks]]).
*In a scene in the [[Miniseries]], some children can be seen running around in costumes which are patterned after this model.
*The typical catchphrase of the Cylons in both series is the iconic statement "[[By your command]]."
==Behind the scenes==
The Centurion models for "[[Razor]]" were designed by [[Pierre Drolet]], who had, among other things, previously designed the [[Viper Mark II]], which is also a homage to the Original Series. Drolet said: "I always thought it was a great design. My goal was not to redesign it from scratch, but to work with the original and make subtle additions."<ref name="anatomy" />
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