Colonial shuttle

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For the Re-imagined Series counterpart, see Atmospheric shuttle.

Colonial Shuttle
Colonial Shuttle
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
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Role: Twin-engined cargo craft
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Additional Information
Colonial Shuttle in the separate continuity
Colonial Shuttle in the primary continuity

The Colonial Shuttle is a large, twin-engined cargo craft. The shuttle is unarmed, but is capable of carrying a landram (or snowram) and cargo in addition to a crew compliment.

Shuttles are equipped with a loading ramp that allows for rapid deployment of the stowed vehicle (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero). Shuttles can also be used for deploying parachute troops, dropping out of the shuttle from a special chamber (The Living Legend, Part II).

In the hours after the Cylon attack on the Colonies, shuttles of this type ferried survivors from ships in the new civilian fleet to Galactica for medical treatment (Saga of a Star World).

While the cockpit has seating for two pilots, the rear compartment has ample room for large numbers of civilian passengers.

Colonial Shuttles in the Reimagined series

A Colonial Shuttle is seen at the start of the Miniseries as it ferries the Colonial Fleet's Armistice Officer from Picon Fleet Headquarters to Armistice Station.

The Original Series shuttle as seen in the opening scene of the RDM Miniseries.

Another shuttle of this type is seen in the Galactica exhibition in the Miniseries, indicating that shuttles of this type may have once been used on Galactica herself.