Brenda Maxwell

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Brenda Maxwell was the daughter of career Nationalist military officer General Maxwell. Prior to his disappearance, Brenda was romantically involved with Colonel Charlie Watts.

Brenda first met Apollo (who appeared to be Charlie), under the impression that she was phoned. She picked up "Charile", who appeared to be downright confused (obviously, as Apollo knew nothing of Terra), and rode him back to her apartment.

Since she was so concerned about Charlie, she contacted the Nationalist Security force, and officer Brace picked up Apollo. General Maxwell later came to her, lambasting her since she turned in what they both believed to be "Charlie". However, they could do little about it as they too were taken to the Nationalist government building.

After being incarcerated together, Apollo and Starbuck managed to convince the Terrans that they were indeed from another galaxy all together. Starbuck had Brenda drive him to the site where he landed, aiming to prove that they were indeed "extraterrestrial". Despite managing to find the Viper, almost before it was too late, Brenda couldn't believe that the story was true.

It appears, however, that she never put everything together, at least during Apollo's visit there. (Experiment in Terra)

Portrayed by Melody Anderson


Melody Anderson was also in another Glen Larson inspired production, "Manimal", as Detective Brook McKenzie in the short lived series. She is probably best known as Neely Capshaw of "[[IMDB:Jake and the Fatman|Jake and the Fatman" -- a show sci-fi alumnus J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5/Crusade worked on for a time.

As you can see, once you are a part of sci-fi, there's no going back!