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== Official Statements ==  
== Official Statements ==  
:[http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2009/02/battlestar-galactica-gaeta-blood-scales-angeli.html A Chicago Tribune interview with Michael Angeli about the episode:]  
*[http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/2009/02/battlestar-galactica-gaeta-blood-scales-angeli.html A Chicago Tribune interview with Michael Angeli about the episode:]  
::The Six that sleeps with Baltar on the baseship is named [[Lida]].
::The Six that sleeps with Baltar on the baseship is named [[Lida]].

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"Blood on the Scales"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 4, Episode 14
Writer(s) Michael Angeli [1]
Story by
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 416
Nielsen Rating
US airdate USA February 6, 2009 [2]
CAN airdate CAN February 6, 2009
UK airdate UK February 10 2009
DVD release
Population 39,603 survivors (Population decline. 40)
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The Oath Blood on the Scales No Exit
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Felix Gaeta's mutiny continues while Roslin finds refuge on the Cylon Basestar.



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  • The Quorum of Twelve were murdered on Zarek's order for supporting President Roslin. Lee Adama survived as he wasn't present during the Quorum session. Two other regular Quorum members (Gemenon Delegate and one other delegate) were replaced by temporary stand-ins (who were killed), and their fate is unknown.
  • This episode marks the death of Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek who are executed by firing squad for their mutiny against Adama and the government.
  • The character Lt. Kelly was last seen during season 3 when he was arrested for his bombing and assassinations of Baltar's lawyers. His character has appear intermittently since the show began and is fitting that he would be the double-turn coat as he was part of the original senior staff and his love for Admiral Adama is proven to be stronger than his hatred of the Cylons.


  • Despite all of the support that Gaeta and Zarek seemed to have at the beginning of the mutiny, Roslin and Adama had more support from people opposed to it and possibly people who rethought it like Lieutenant Kelly. On Roslin and Adama's side were Galactica's senior staff (the members of CIC were either people on Gaeta's side or forced to work at gunpoint by marines), at least most of the crew given how many people joined Adama's march to CIC, the Quorum of Twelve and the Cylons and Baltar's followers. Gaeta and Zarek had the supporters they'd managed to gather amongst Galactica's crew and about 25 ships who refused Roslin's order to stand down FTL drives. In the end Adama and Roslin were successful because the people supported them more and Adama had enough respect from his crew that he was able to turn a lot back to his side just by stating his intention to retake the ship and walking by others. Gaeta and Zarek had to use force to get what they wanted while Adama and his men used very little force and ultimately retook the ship without firing a shot once they stormed the CIC. Gaeta's takeover had many people killed (given the survivor count, over 40) while the people on Adama's side killed very few.
  • Gaeta's sudden lack of pain in his amputated leg signals that his chronic pain (which he tried to numb with painkillers during the webisodes) was partially psychological. Once he was at peace with who he was and what he had done, the physical pain, and his mental pain disappeared.
  • The marines who eventually joined Adama's side near the end of the episode indicates that other mutineers simply were part of the coup out of self-preservation or at least wanting to be on the "winning" side. Once it was clear that Adama and the senior staff were rising up and reclaiming the ship, the marines, and others finally arose as well.
  • By sparing Narcho's life, Admiral Adama characteristically shows his love and compassion for those who serve under him. Despite his speech of "no forgiveness" in "The Oath", it is clear that Adama will attempt to give the mutineers a second chance if it is reasonable.
  • Lt. Kelly, after having been locked up in the brig for his attempts to assassinate Baltar's lawyers, still holds a deep love for the Galactica and her commander. As he was a part of the original senior leadership (3rd in command as shown after Adama's near-assassination), his nostalgic comments with Tyrol indicated his withering resolve to be part of the coup. In addition, being a witness to the cruelty of Zarek with the Quorum was probably the first catalyst for his repentance.
  • Gaeta, prior to his execution, is shown smoking and having drinks with Baltar. This is significant as Gaeta is rarely shown smoking during the show, and when it is shown, it was done when Gaeta finally felt free to be who he wanted to be. The first time was during his taped interview with D'Anna where he "let his hair down" so to speak. Incorporating a final smoke for Gaeta seemed appropriate to allow the audience to see a humanized Gaeta again.
  • The Galactica may be suffering from serious long term metal fatigue and/or cumulative battle damage, as evidenced by the bulkhead deformation Tyrol discovers in the FTL drive room. Over the course of the series, Tigh has made a number of comments on Galactica's worsening structural condition, especially in absence of any possibility for repair at a shipyard.
  • Gaeta and Baltar have a civil conversation before Gaeta's execution indicating that the two have forgiven each other for thier past transgressions, ie Gaeta trying to kill Baltar and Baltar's involvement with the Cylons on New Caprica.
  • Baltar, despite admitting to not really liking his followers, has developed a sense of responsibility towards them as shown when he's speaking with the Six about them and deciding to go back. This is the first time that Baltar has been shown to truly care about something besides himself indicating he may have changed somewhat.
  • Dialogue in this episode indicates there are 35 civilian ships left in the fleet. This is the first time since abandoning New Caprice that significant information on the number of ships left in the fleet has emerged. This number doesn't seem to tally with the observed losses in the fleet since the first season, although the number of ships has been portrayed inconsistently between the miniseries and the main seasons ( a figure in the mid 70s being mentioned in Home, Part I). The figure of 35 stated here- indicating a loss of half the fleet- seems somewhat inconsistent with the size of the human population at this point, which has only declined by about one fifth since the arrival of Pegasus's crew which bolstered the number of survivors to close to 50,000. Unexplained losses offscreen, or ships being abandoned on New Caprica or afterwards may explain this low number unless it is a continuity error.
  • Ronald D Moore has commented that Galactica is severely undermanned at this point and therefore large parts of the ship are empty, making it easier for mutineers and counter-mutineers to move around unobserved. This however is contracted by the fact that Galactica now has the crew of Pegasus aboard and the ship has in fact been seen to be overcrowded. Even allowing for losses on New Caprica and the fact that Pegasus was undermanned, the ship should still have a larger crew compliment than when she began her journey. In orbit around New Caprica the two ships still had over 2000 personnel still serving and doubtless most if not all former crew re-enlisted after the evacuation of New Caprica. Galactica's combined crew have not been seen to have taken any substantial losses since leaving New Caprica that would leave much of the ship empty. This may be a retcon or continuity error.


  • What will become of the other mutineers (Racetrack, Narcho, Seelix, etc)? Will Adama follow through with his promise of "no forgiveness"?
  • Will Kelly be allowed to resume his duties on Galactica?
  • Who will replace Zarek as Vice President?
  • Who will take over Gaeta's duties?
  • What repercussions will the Quorum's assassination have on the Fleet?
  • What is the significance of the damage Tyrol discovers in the engine room? Has it been there long, or is it a result of the improper shut down of the FTL drive? Do other areas of the ship show similar signs of damage?
  • Will Anders survive his injuries?
  • Will the rebel Cylons become less trusting of the humans as a result of this mutiny? Or will the they be more inclined to trust certain humans, such as Roslin, since she managed to convince them to stay and follow her leadership?
  • What was that device Roslin and Leoben were using to communicate with the rest of the Fleet?
  • Why was Lee Adama - as opposed to Roslin - present at Zarek and Gaeta's execution?
  • What will be done to the 25 ships who did not obey Roslin's order to power down their FTL drives?
  • Will the FTL upgrades proceed once order has been brought back completely?
  • Will there be a faction that will attempt to portray Zarek or Gaeta as martyrs?
  • Will Helo survive his injuries?

Official Statements

The Six that sleeps with Baltar on the baseship is named Lida.

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