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Almost every article in Battlestar Wiki could do with some expansion. This page is for listing those stubs, substubs and other articles that have decent information, but that you find embarrassingly short or insufficient for an encyclopedia of the stature to which Battlestar Wiki aspires.

For the list of pages requiring expansion, see Category:Articles Requiring Expansion.

Alternative pages:

How to Tag a Page Requiring Expansion

When you come across a page you believe requires expansion, please add {{expansion}} to the top of the article's page.

You can also add an HTML comment, such as <!-- This article needs to be expanded --> at the top of the article or <!-- This part of the article needs to be expanded --> for any specific part that needs to be expanded.

However, some wikipedians do not read the HTML comments, and thus you may be better off just adding your reasons for the expansion tag to the article's talk page. To do so, simply click the "discussion" tab on the page in question and type away. Be sure to add your signature to your comments (and replies too!) by adding the tilde-string, i.e. ~~~~.

Once an entry has been expanded make sure to remove the {{expansion}} tag from the article's page and make a note of it on the article's talk page.