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Have a page request? Read these intructions!


Should you be unwilling or unable to create a page yourself, you can request that it be made. Simply do the following:

  1. Type in the name of the article you want created in the left-margin search box.
  2. Press "Go" (or hit the Enter key).
  3. Click on the create this page link.
  4. Enter in the following piece of text:
  5. Click on "Save page" (or press the key combination: Alt+S).

By adding the {{requested}} tag, you are adding it to the list of requseted pages.

Editing / Adding a "Requested Page"

Should you wish to create the "requested page", simply add some meat to it. You can make the whole thing or you can make it a stub.

However, once done, please remove the {{requested}} tag.

Note: It'll now be added to the list of stub pages, should you have placed the {{stub}} tag.