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Other Merchandise
  • has a gallery featuring Diamond Select Toys' upcoming Battlestar Galactica action figures, the Minimates, and a Cylon Raider statue on display at San Diego Comic Con. No surprises, but these are the first clear shots at the entirety of Wave 1.
  • reports that Diamond Select Toys' first wave of Battlestar Galactica action figures will include Lee Adama, two versions of Number Six (in her Caprica outfit and her red dress,) and Hot Dog (a shortpacked chase figure.) Samuel Anders will be exclusive to Big Bad Toy Store and an unannounced retail chain. Galen Tyrol will be available exclusively through Diamond's online store. Karl Agathon will be exclusive to Action Figure Xpress.
  • New Hasbro Titanium Collection models are shipping. Currently available in major toy stores are Scar (Series 1 Cylon repaint) and 1978 Colonial Viper.