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This part of the FAQ deals with how to use the functionality of the Wiki.

I really don't like the colors that the wiki uses. Can this be changed?

Yes, this can be changed.

As with most modern websites, Battlestar Wiki allows its users to change the look of the wiki by selecting different "skins".

If you have a username on the wiki, you may change the skin by going to "My preferences", which is in the user bar on top of the page.

Once you are there, simply click "Skins" and you can select from all the available options. You may even preview them before you decide to commit to one.

Can unregistered users also change the skin?

At this time, unregistered users cannot change the skin the wiki uses. You must create an account with Battlestar Wiki in order to use this ability. (Creating an account is free, by the way.)

How do I create an account on Battlestar Wiki?

To start your free account on Battlestar Wiki, simply go to the "Log in/Create an Account" link on the top of the page. Click on "Create an account" above the log-in prompt, then fill out the information?

Why do I need to create an account at all? Why not allow unregistered users to edit?

Creating an account allows you to customize your experience on Battlestar Wiki. You can modify how your signature looks, keep track of pages you like through the "watchlist" feature, change the style you use on Battlestar Wiki, as well as be able to contribute to the wiki.

As for why we do not allow unregistered users to edit, this is because of quality control concerns. We would rather our contributors focus on creating and expanding Battlestar Wiki as a reference material than worrying about vandalism by unregistered users who cannot be held accountable for their actions.

How do I edit or create articles?

To help you in this, we've created a tutorial that will walk you through the steps of creating, editing, and understanding how articles are created, published, and edited.

How do I upload pictures?

We've created a tutorial on how to do this as well. Cool, eh?

How do I communicate issues to the people who run this thing?

If you have a username and wish to notify the chiefs about an issue, simply bring it to the Chiefs' Noticeboard. Follow the directions there.

If you do not have a username, you may send an e-mail by clicking here.


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