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Script Info


Hello and welcome to Battlestar Wiki, an encyclopedia of the Battlestar Galactica sagas. My name is [ YOUR BSG WIKI NAME ]. You're about to hear a audio version of a character page for [ CHARACTER NAME ].


Part One

  1. Read a succinct capsule description of the character[1]
  2. Read additional overview information if available and relevant

Part Two

  1. Read Background[2]

Part Three

If Notes are present ...
If external links are present...
  • notify that there are other resources on this character. (i.e. "Other resources such as external links are available on the Battlestar Wiki article .")


Thank you for listening to an audio version of a Battlestar Wiki character page.

Script notes

  1. Quite often the first sentence of a character page.
  2. Character pages can vary widely depending on the importance of the character. Adjust script as necessary. Length of the script may become an issue with larger articles, editing will likely become necessary.
  3. If there are very many, perhaps choose more relevant notes to read and mention that additional notes are available on the article.