Assault 9

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Assault 9 walking free for the first time.

Name: Assault 9

Disposition: Prisoner

Homeworld: Proteus

Portrayed By: Sean McClory


The ninth Proteus prisoner named after the crime committed by his "Original Sinner". Akin to his other peers he is inebriated and dull minded. He updated Starbuck (Bootlegger 137) on life on Proteus, and complained to him that the enforcers get the better ambrosa. He also commented that Embezzler 10 was down a few blocks from him (although he was never seen).

After Starbuck discovered that the cell doors' locks had been in a state of disrepair, Assault 9 was the more vociferous of the bunch to tell him to get back into the cell. However, Starbuck managed to cause a riot when he informed them that the Colonies had forgotten about them for countless yahren; unsurprisingly, he was the first to join and tackled a wordless Croad. (The Long Patrol)