Adulteress 58

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Name: "Adulteress 58"

Disposition: Prisoner

Homeworld: Proteus

Portrayed By: Arlene Martel


Adulteress 58 was the fifth-eighth prisoner on the prison planetoid Proteus who was not an exception to the rest of the prison caste: intoxicated and irritable. When Starbuck, who was captured on another planetoid with a stolen booty of ambrosia, insisted to the prisoners that "Starbuck" was his real name, she inquired as to what "Starbuckin'" was.

She, along with her other prisoners, produced ambrosia for the Colonial Warriors as a means of patriotic prison labor; they were, according to their enforcers, aiding the war effort in this manner.

She was also one of the first of the Proteus prisoners to revolt against their enforcers after Starbuck revealed that the Cylons had destroyed the Colonies. (The Long Patrol)

Origin of "Adulteress"

All prisoners at Proteus were named after their crime (or the crime of their parents); as time went on, they apparently numbered the prisoners as well, in order for identification purposes. (e.g. crime, then number)

Her descendant, apparently, was one who adulterated, perhaps an Aerian version of a socialator.