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For the canonical character from whom this depiction is based, see: Adama (TOS).

Adama is a Caprican serving in the Colonial Military during the last stages of the Thousand Yahren War and a lone battlestar commander following the Cylon Holocaust.

The Thousand Yahren War

As a Viper pilot and Captain aboard battlestar Rylon in 7322, he and wingman Tigh are the first Warriors on site during the attack on Umbra, Caprica.

As they attempt to fight off phalanxes of Cylon Raider, Adama is shot down and crash-lands into the Thorn forest near Umbra. What seems to be a certain demise by a damaged Centurion is thwarted by a young, hurt orphan boy who attacks the Cylon before it can kill Adama. Adama is able to blow off the distracted Centurion's head, and radio for medical assistance, as the orphan boy was electrocuted during his assault on the Cylon (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 1).

Adama is promoted to Flight-Major by 7328, and his son Apollo is a cadet training to be a Warrior (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 1).

Personal Life

With his wife, Ila, Adama resided on Caprica in an affluent home, complete with servants.

In 7322, his wife is pregnant with their third child. The child's name is a point of contention: Adama desires to name the boy "Starbuck," while Ila wishes to name the boy "Zac." It isn't until after the aforementioned young orphan boy saves his life in the attack on Umbra that Adama relents to naming their child Zac—simply because he names the orphaned, amnesiac boy "Starbuck."

In 7328, Starbuck arrives at Adama's home and asks Adama to sponsor his application to become a Colonial Warrior, despite the fact that Starbuck's foster parents could have done so—but wouldn't have. Adama initially rebukes this, leading to Apollo—a first-yahren flight cadet—to challenge Starbuck to a turbocycle race down Mount Colicos. This race leads to bonding between the two, particularly as the race goes wrong and results in the destruction of both participants' cycles, as well as Adama being pressured into sponsoring Starbuck as a Warrior (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 1).