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*'''c. Day 175''' - A standoff between the two battlestars begins over the treatment of the arrested ''Galactica'' crew.
*'''c. Day 175''' - A standoff between the two battlestars begins over the treatment of the arrested ''Galactica'' crew.
*'''Day 189''' - President Roslin near death; orders death of Cylon fetus.  A [[Demand Peace|Cylon peace movement]] begins to pose as a threat to [[The Fleet (RDM)|The Fleet]].
*'''Day 189''' - President Roslin near death; orders death of Cylon fetus.  A [[Demand Peace|Cylon peace movement]] begins to pose as a threat to [[The Fleet (RDM)|the Fleet]].
==Future Events==
==Future Events==

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Dates use the day of the Cylon Holocaust as a baseline. See also Survivor Count, History of the Twelve Colonies.

Ancient History

Recent Colonial History

Season 1

Colonial Day

  • Day 47 - Morning: Colonial Day. Delegates arrive on Cloud Nine. Roslin addresses the Quorum. Baltar eyes Playa Palacios. Zarek moves to elect a vice president and is nominated by Marshall Bagott. Motion passes, chair to remain open 72 hours for nominations.
  • Day 47 - Afternoon: Roslin asks Wallace Grey to run for the vice presidency. Zarek expounds on his reform agenda. Valence scuffles with Apollo and Starbuck and is jailed. Helo and Caprica Valerii arrive at a spaceport in the vicinity of Delphi.
  • Day 47 - Evening: Starbuck and Apollo interrogate Valence to no effect.
  • Day 48 - Morning: Grey addresses the Quorum. Safiya Sanne changes Picon's vote to Zarek, bringing his total to 5 of 12.
  • Day 48 - Afternoon: Zarek serves Ellen Tigh a drink and inquires after the whereabouts of Valence. Baltar interviewed by James McManus. Valence found dead. Tigh, Apollo and Starbuck consult with Roslin on security.
  • Day 48 - Evening: Roslin travels to Cloud Nine and asks Grey to drop out of the race and recruits Baltar to replace him, interrupting his "exclusive" with Palacios. Apollo and Starbuck flirt in the bunk on Galactica.
  • Day 49 - Morning: Baltar elected Vice President, with Roslin casting the tie-breaking vote.
  • Day 49 - Evening: Victory party for Baltar. Roslin dances with Adama, Ellen with Saul Tigh, Billy with Dualla, Starbuck with Apollo and Baltar.
  • Day 49 - Night: Helo and Caprica Valerii infiltrate the spaceport. Helo discovers Valerii is a Cylon and flees.

Note: Roslin states that the chair will remain open for nominations for 72 hours on the morning of Day 47, but the next episode clearly takes place the day after the victory party, and is stated to take place on Day 50. Perhaps the Quorum moved to close the nomination period early after the nomination of a strong candidate.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

  • Day 50 - Early Morning: Apollo and Adama spar. Baltar and Starbuck have sex. Caprica Valerii catches up with Helo at Delphi, and he shoots her. Galactica Boomer contemplates suicide. Cottle examines Roslin and gives her "six months, at the outside".
  • Day 50 - Morning: Starbuck and an (already) drunken Baltar exchange innuendos over the officer's card game.
  • Day 50 - Afternoon: Roslin briefs Baltar on her economic agenda. Six warns him that "it's not safe to remain on Galactica". Galactica Boomer and Crashdown stumble upon Kobol. Helo holds Caprica Valerii at gunpoint. Apollo and Starbuck exchange blows.
  • Day 50 - Evening: Roslin examines an orbital photograph of Kobol and has a vision of the City of the Gods. Adama decides to send an expedition, which Baltar demands to accompany. Galactica Boomer shoots herself on Baltar's advice. In private, Roslin unsuccessfully petitions Commander Adama to send the Cylon Raider after the Arrow of Apollo on Caprica.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

  • Day 51 - Early Morning: Survivors of Raptor 1 escape the wreck. Baltar passes out. Adama terminates Roslin's presidency. Apollo and Tigh plan an assault on Colonial One. Adama dispatches the wounded Boomer to take out the basestar. Caprica Valerii leads Helo to Delphi Museum of the Colonies.
  • Day 51 - Morning: Starbuck arrives at Caprica, retrieves the Arrow of Apollo, kills a copy of Six and meets up with Helo. Galactica's marines board Colonial One. Apollo mutinies, Roslin stands down. Baltar has a vision of the shape of things to come. Galactica Boomer confronts other Valerii copies on the basestar. She returns from her mission and shoots Commander Adama.

Season 2

Note: Season 2 dates are rough guesses, at best. See Talk for detailed rationalle.


  • Day 51 - Morning: A Cylon Basestar ambushes the fleet, which jumps to an emergency rendezvous point. Galactica jumps to wrong coordinates and is forced to backtrack. Galactica holds off basestar and returns to bulk of the Fleet.

Valley of Darkness



  • Day 52: Tigh interrogates Tyrol and imprisons him with Galactica Boomer.
  • Day 54 - Morning: Cally blackmails Baltar into running his Cylon test on Tyrol. Baltar notes to Tigh that he should assume Roslin's duties; he invites Baltar to join her in the brig. Aturian stops refining Tylium in protest of Martial law. Apollo briefs pilots in the ready room. Dualla checks out his ass. On Caprica, Starbuck and Helo meet Samuel Anders's Resistance.
  • Day 54 - Afternoon: Tigh deploys troops to vessels refusing to supply Galactica. The Gideon Massacre takes place. Roslin is chagrined. Apollo initiates his escape plan.
  • Day 54 - Evening: Saul and Ellen Tigh argue and have sex. Baltar poisons Tyrol and interrogates Boomer. Starbuck and Helo arrive at the Resistance HQ with Anders.
  • Day 55 - Morning: Apollo delivers briefing, orchestrates Roslin's escape. The deck gang begin construction of a new brig cell for Humano-Cylons.
  • Day 55 - Afternoon: Apollo & co. disembark at the Cloud Nine and link up with Tom Zarek. Starbuck and Anders flirt.
  • Day 55 - Evening: Commander Adama wakes up. Cally kills Galactica Boomer.

The Farm

  • Day 58: - According to a deleted scene, this episode takes place one week after "Fragged".

Home, Part I

  • Day ?? - Morning: Kara Thrace's captured Heavy Raider jumps into orbit around Kobol. Tom Zarek atempts to have it shot down because its not the same Raider that Thrace departed in. Thrace lands her Heavy Raider aboard the Astral Queen and is reunited with President Rolsin and Lee Adama. Lee learns that in addtion to Karl Agathon, Thrace brought back the Caprican copy of Sharon Valerii and pulls a gun on her. After defusing the situation with words, Roslin orders Valerii thrown out the airlock, but relents and has her thrown into the brig instead after hearing both Thrace and Agathon's protest. Commander Adam promotes Captain George Birch to be the new Galactica CAG.
  • Day ?? - Afternoon: Commander Adama holds a press conference reguarding the escape of President Roslin from his custody and the ensuing marshall law. Adama ajourns the press conference however when the questions become incresingly pointed.
  • Day ??+1 - Morning: Cpt. Birch on his first mission as CAG is responcible for an accident that nearly kills Lt. Louanne Katraine. Zarek and his trusted lieutenant Mier plot to overthrow Roslin and take command of the fleet.
  • Day ??+1 - Afternoon: Cpt. Birch oversees his second fight mishap as CAG when two ships he's suposed to be guiding colide with one another during a routine refuling operation.
  • Day ??+2 - Morning: Roslin's party, made up of Thrace, Cpt. Adama, Elosha, Zarek, Mier, Agathon, Boomer, two Zarek red-shirts, two Roslin red-shirtsand Rolsin herself land on Kobol. Using Valerii as their guide they set out in search of the Tomb of Athena.
  • Day ??+2 - Afternoon: The party is ambushed by Cylon Centurions after Elosha accidently trips a "bouncing betty" land mine and it blows up in her face, killing her. The surviving party is saved when Valerii uses an RPG launcher to destroy the last remaining Centurion.
  • Day ??+2 - Evening: Adama makes the decision to put the fleet back together after a long and heartfelt talk with Dee.

Home, Part II

  • Day 66-67: - Raptor 1 lands on Kobol with William Adama and his contingent. Tomb of Athena found.
  • Day 68-74: - Roslin reestablished as lawful President; martial law ends. Fleet reunification.

Flight of the Phoenix


  • c. Day 175 - Galactica encounters battlestar Pegasus. Admiral Helena Cain assumes fleet command.
  • c. Day 175- Tyrol accidentally kills Pegasus Lieutenant Thorne and is arrested with Helo.
  • c. Day 175 - A standoff between the two battlestars begins over the treatment of the arrested Galactica crew.


Future Events


  • The above day listings use a simplistic calendar system with 30 day months and no leap years. The colonial calendar may be more sophisticated.
  • The date of Valerii and Agathon's child is speculated, assuming that the Humano-Cylons share the same gestation period that humans do, and that the birth of their hybrid daughter is not premature.