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I am almost done reading this book, and I'd like to know if my notes on the books should be considered 'semi-canon', because it introduces some new ideas and characters in it. There are also cameos by Corporal Venner and Commander Barry Garner, as well as the introduction of two new ships and one new Raptor pilot. Anyone with their opinions should feel free to comment. I'm got the stuff written up, but I feel I need some kind of permission to add it since this book is a bit more relevent than the Cylon's Secret. --User:ltcrashdown

Hi, LT. Practically every story that is not written, produced, and aired (broadcast or, usually, deleted scenes) by NBC/Universal should be considered "separate continuity" for the purposes of this wiki. That's the very good news, so feel free to write anything you want in this article that summarizes the story, compares and contrasts the book's story to elements from both series, other books and comics, whatever. Just remember to ensure that your contribution does not suggest that the book's events belong in the canonical Original Series or Re-imagined Series article continuity. Be careful how you link items for the same reason. Also, of course, minimize verbatum quotes from the book to avoid copyright infringement. I've been looking forward to having some content on this articles: Go for it! --Spencerian 22:55, 5 October 2006 (CDT)
Oh, one more thing: Do write up articles for new characters and events from the book that don't already exist. But, each of these articles should have the {{separate continuity}} tag at the top. See the template article (or look at the top of this article) on how to use it. It is preferable not to add separate continuity behavior to the canonical articles; that is, if Adama shoots Roslin in the book, this isn't something to go on either of their pages, but should be noted here in detail. --Spencerian 22:59, 5 October 2006 (CDT)
I started adding some notes about the novel. Once I get ahold of my filenotes, I'll add more. --ltcrashdown