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RDM Landram

Is that a landram at all? I mean it looks like one to me, but I could see a reasonable person arguing against it being clear. --CalculatinAvatar 00:20, 5 April 2006 (CDT)

Looks like a landram, lots of critics and people online thought it was a landram, etc. Art department having fun. --The Merovingian (C - E) 00:28, 5 April 2006 (CDT)

If it is in comparison to the picture on the right, it is the same, but you definately have to use the zoom.--Mazzy01:31, 5 April 2006 (CDT)

Yes, really an inside zoom joke. But yes, it is indeed the same. Hot debate here. --The Merovingian (C - E) 01:36, 5 April 2006 (CDT)