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  • Please select a specific reference for the term '''tribunal''': ...are legal proceedings held within the [[The Fleet (RDM)|Fleet]]. One such tribunal was convened after sabotage to ''[[Galactica (RDM)|Galactica]]''{{'|s}} wat
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  • Please select a specific reference for the term '''tribunal''': ...are legal proceedings held within the [[The Fleet (RDM)|Fleet]]. One such tribunal was convened after sabotage to ''[[Galactica (RDM)|Galactica]]''{{'|s}} wat
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  • ...]] and other press junkets to talk about the merits of the case before the tribunal is convened. == Tribunal system ==
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  • '''Candace Myson''' is a member of the independent tribunal convened by Sergeant [[Hadrian]] to investigate the suicide bombing attempt
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  • ...ead judge {{TRS|Crossroads, Part I}} and is responsible for delivering the tribunal's non-guilty verdict, which she voted for {{TRS|Sine Qua Non}}, much to the
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  • Meeker is one of five captains chosen via a lottery to comprise the tribunal that is tasked with judging [[Gaius Baltar]] {{TRS|The Son Also Rises}}.
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  • ...a secret tribunal authorized by President [[Tom Zarek]]. The task of this tribunal is to decide the fate of people implicated as collaborators during the Cylo Convictions are for "crimes against humanity and treason". The tribunal's proceedings are apparently limited to the period between the escape from
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  • Kanji portrays [[Candace Myson]], one of the members of the tribunal that investigates a Cylon bombing in the episode, "[[Litmus]]".
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  • ...witch hunt and, although Specialist [[Socinus]] is used as scapegoat, the tribunal is disbanded by Adama, after he himself is accused of facilitating the atta
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  • ...then-President [[Tom Zarek]] to form the [[Circle]], a form of war crimes tribunal, [[Laura Roslin]] states that everyone has the right to a trial before a ju ...rial shows other levels of jurisprudence. Instead of a jury, a five-member tribunal acts as both judge and jury. Numerous maneuvers parallel practices in the l
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  • ...oslin]], which Roslin returns. She and her associates are overjoyed by the tribunal's "not guilty" verdict in the case.
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  • ...t... but I felt it was the only way. Only you can remove yourself from the Tribunal and I seriously doubt you would have even considered it if I hadn't made a * After Solon questions Cassiopea at the Tribunal and says,
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  • ...he discussion, Athena pledges herself to be subject to a future war crimes tribunal and offers her willingness to accept any judgment against her, while in re
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  • ...]] on [[New Caprica]]. Back on ''Galactica'', he is part of a [[The Circle|tribunal]] authorized by [[Tom Zarek]] to sentence and execute collaborators, in whi
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  • ...ators, including Lyman, are tried and executed by the [[Circle]], a secret tribunal created under the executive order of President [[Tom Zarek]] to investigate
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  • ...otypical criminal style, divulges everything over an open comline that the Tribunal enters into evidence.
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  • ...scapegoat for their own guilt, shame and failures. His testimony tips the tribunal's balance in favor of acquittal.
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  • | image = Tribunal.jpg * At the tribunal the protectors lay out their theory that it was Karibdis who did murder in
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  • ...and her role in the Ovion Wars. Athena offers herself up for a war crimes tribunal and acceptance of any ruling against her, including her own execution, in r ...Tucanas|hire a vocal group]]" in "[[Saga of a Star World]]," to avoiding a tribunal on a murder charge by breaking out of a brig and assaulting officers in "[[
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  • ...or him. This does not result in Socinus' release, as he did lie before the tribunal. While not saying so outright, Adama uses him as a scapegoat for the incide
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  • * '''[[Protector]]''': a defense attorney in a Tribunal {{OS|Murder on the Rising Star}} * {{inlineref|protest}}: the equivalent of saying "objection" in a Colonial Tribunal {{OS|Murder on the Rising Star}}
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