GDD Raises Terror Alert Level...Again

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GDD Raises Terror Alert Level...Again is a The Caprican Politics article written by Toccara Castleman. It was printed in Martius 27, YR42.


Surprise, surprise! The Global Defense Department raised the terror alert level again! Sure, after the MAGLEV bombing, I can understand why the GDD would do something like that. And, okay, raise the alert level after the first Holo Cafe bombing, or the second. But why this time, why now?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there haven't been any explosions, shootings, or other suspicious activity that would warrant such a thing. I'll tell you why, dear Capricans: Fear. Yes, the GDD and our lovely government have teamed up, once again, to instill the fear of the gods in us. Sometimes I wonder if they just have a giant roulette wheel at GDD HQ that they use whenever they want to keep us in line. Yes, they just give it a spin and we get instantly scared. Here are few ideas of what might be on their wheel of terror:

• Scare the Caprican people (spin again for explanation) • Terrorist chatter • GDD disrupts major terror plot • Bomb threat called in to space ports • GDD feels like it (spin again for explanation) • The STO has entered an colony-wide operational period • Upcoming holiday to honor the Gods • Continue to scare the Caprican people (spin again for explanation)

What do you think? Add your own ridiculous GDD terror alert "explanations" below. Ahh, yes, this is gonna be good. And if we're lucky, the GDD will read this and add some of these to their Wheel of Terror - then at least we'd get a good dose of humor with our fear!

Go ahead, give me what you've got!

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