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Fan fiction/Battlestar GalactiSimpsons

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BSG WIKI Fandom.png This article is related to Fandom.
This article has been derived from or is related to Fandom. As such it is not considered canon. However, it is still necessary to properly cite sources and provide proper attribution.

Dylan Meconis (quirkybird) images of BSG Characters in "Simpsons" format.

BSG WIKI Sources.png
Sources for this page may be located at:


William Adama and Laura Roslin

William and larua bsgsimp.gif

Number Eight

Number eight bsgsimp.gif


Starbuck bsgsimp.gif

Billy, Dee, Lee Adama

Billy dee lee adama bsgsimp.gif

Chief and Cally

Chief and cally bsgsimp.gif

Tigh and Ellen

Tigh and ellen bsgsimp.gif

Six and Baltar

Siz and baltar bsgsimp.gif

These images came from here.

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