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Owned by NBC Universal
Picture format
Sister channel(s)
Country USA USA
Channel(s) DirecTV Channel 244 (SD/HD)
Dish Network Channel 122 (SD/HD)
C-Band Galaxy 14-Channel 18
Verizon Channel 150
Other cable providers channels vary

SCI FI is an American cable television channel, launched on September 24, 1992, specializing in science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal entertainment, and other non-science fiction related programming. The network is owned by NBC Universal.

SCI FI owns initial broadcast rights for airing the Re-imagined Series in standard definition. On a few occasions, episodes of the Re-imagined Series have been broadcast on NBC Television itself. On October 3, 2007, DirecTV added an HD version of the channel.[1] Dish Network begin broadcasting the channel in HD on April 18, 2008. However, the Re-imagined Series in HDTV is flagged with a broadcast flag[2].

In addition to the new Battlestar Galactica series, SCI FI also airs the Original Series and Galactica 1980 periodically throughout their broadcast year.

SCI FI has also aired encore presentations of the NBC Television show Heroes in coordination with its parent company.

Originally-created made-for-TV movies as well as theatrically released motion pictures are also a SCI FI staple.

Other originally-created or separately-produced popular programming on SCI FI, past and present, include:

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  1. DIRECTV Adds Six HD Channels
  2. The broadcast flag is a form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) that forces the reduction of quality when recording (such as reducing high-definition video to the resolution of standard TVs), as evidenced by the HDTV Season 4 screen captures on Battlestar Wiki.

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