Graystone Industries

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The campus and buildings of Graystone Industries on Caprica.

Graystone Industries is a Caprica-based technology company created by Daniel Graystone, who is its CEO. The company was created more than 60 years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies and is responsible for the creation of the holoband technology, but was later known for the technology that changed the human race—the Cybernetic Life-Form Node, or Cylon. Once the U-87 prototype Cylon was successfully demonstrated under simulated combat conditions, the Caprican Ministry of Defense awarded the company with a contract for constructing one hundred thousand copies of the robot (Caprica pilot).

Despite this, the company's stock nose-dived (Rebirth), a trend that would continue for an extended period of time. The financial future of the company was put into serious doubt when Daniel Graystone pledged on one of Caprica's most popular television programs to divert all profits from holoband sales and V-World space to funding anti-addiction efforts--affecting sixty percent of Graystone Industries' revenues (Gravedancing). In response, the board of directors began debate on removing him from the board, despite Cyrus Xander's recognition that Graystone himself "is the brand." Graystone countered with a demonstration of the U-87's unique capabilities, arguing that sales for both military and civilian applications would sustain the company and affect society in a far more profound way than the holoband (There Is Another Sky). The demonstration saved Graystone's position as CEO (Know Thy Enemy), but continuing inability to produce copies of the U-87 and the deadly escape of the U-87 culminated in the Ministry of Defense stripping the contract from the company and granting it to its chief competitor, Vergis Corporation.



  • The Graystone Industries building and campus are inspired by Microsoft campus' own look and feel.[1]


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