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:''For information on the Cylon spacecraft from the [[Original Series]], see [[Cylon Spacecraft (TOS)]].''
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The Cylons have a series of spacecraft with specific roles and tactical needs.
:''Main article: [[Raider (RDM)]]''
[[Image:Bsg-raider-A.jpg|left|200 px]]
The [[Raider (RDM)|Raider]] is an autonomous attack fighter with a metallic carapace and a largely organic interior; it is the successor to the [[Raider (RDM)#Cylon War-era Raider|Piloted Raider]] dating from the [[Cylon War]].
[[Sharon Valerii]] describes the Raider's nature to [[Galen Tyrol]] as she examines the exterior of a captured Raider, unaware that she is, in fact, a sleeper [[humanoid Cylon]] with innate knowledge of the Raider ([[Six Degrees of Separation]]):
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<blockquote>"It's not really a ''thing'', y'know? It's probably a Cylon itself. More of an animal, maybe, than the human models. Maybe they genetically design it to perform a task. To be a ''fighter''. [You] can't treat it like a ''thing'' and expect it to respond. [You] have to treat it like... a pet. At least that's my guess."</blockquote>
Two Raiders are captured by the Colonials. The first is found and returned to the [[The Fleet (RDM)|Fleet]] by [[Kara Thrace]] ([[Act of Contrition]]) and is later lost ([[Scattered]]). A second is used by [[Daniel Novacek]] to escape the Cylons and is currently in Colonial possession ([[Hero]]).
==Heavy Raider==
:''Main article: [[Heavy Raider]]''
[[Image:HeavyC.jpg|left|200 px]]
The [[Heavy Raider]] is a troop carrier spacecraft. It contains a crew compartment with life support sufficient for human comfort and room for at least ten [[Cylon Centurion]]s ("[[The Farm]]", "[[Scattered]]").
When the [[Caprica Resistance]] plans to capture a Heavy Raider in the episode "[[The Farm]]", [[Kara Thrace]] anticipates having to "blow its brain out" before it can be commandeered. No information has been provided in an episode (as of April 14, 2007) whether a Heavy Raider has autonomous components, or whether the Caprica copy of Valerii, who commandeers a Heavy Raider for herself, Thrace and [[Karl Agathon]], performs any procedure to disable any autonomous elements in the spacecraft or "persuade" the organics of the Heavy Raider to fly.
A Heavy Raider crashes into ''Galactica's'' starboard [[flight pod]] and deploys Cylon Centurions. If the Heavy Raider is autonomous, it performed its mission in concert with the Centurions at the battle ("[[Scattered]]",  "[[Valley of Darkness]]").
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==Reconnaissance Drone==
:''Main article: [[Cylon Reconnaissance Drone]]''
No information has been given in any episode (as of "[[He That Believeth In Me]]") on whether the Reconnaissance Drone is manned, autonomous, or intelligent.
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:''Main article: [[Cylon freighter (RDM)]]''
These cargo or troop carriers are seen briefly in "[[Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II]]".
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:''Main article: [[Basestar (RDM)|Basestar]]''
A basestar (also called a baseship) is the Cylon's capital warship and counterpart to the Colonial [[battlestar]]. Both biological and mechanical in nature, basestars are commanded [[basestar command|by humanoid Cylons in a collaborative manner]]. It contains a landing bay large enough to accompany a [[Raptor]] with life support capable of sustaining [[humanoid Cylon]]s. Basestars can pummel a target with missiles but do not have gun batteries, leaving them vulnerable in close-in battle with a prepared battlestar.
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==Resurrection Ship==
:''Main article: [[Resurrection Ship]]''
[[Image:211 004.jpg|left|200px]]
Resurrection ships are large vessels containing the full apparatus necessary for resurrecting humanoid Cylons once their consciousness has left a destroyed body. The ship is created to allow humanoid Cylons to be reborn in new bodies when they are out of range from the Cylon homeworld ([[Resurrection Ship, Part I]]). A second Resurrection Ship resides with a Cylon fleet that leaves [[New Caprica]] ([[Torn]]).
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==Resurrection Hub==
:''Main article: [[Resurrection Hub]]''
[[Image:Resurrection Hub, Basestar guard.jpg|left|200px|Resurrection Hub]]
The Cylon central Resurrection Hub is a space-based installation, which coordinates the resurrection process among all of the Cylons' Resurrection Ships and other downloading facilities. Unlike the actual downloading process, the functions of the Resurrection Hub appears to have an indefinite range, and the Hub itself is irreplaceable. The Hub periodically jumps to a new location in order to prevent its discovery and relays its new location to the Cylon fleets. The Resurrection Hub also contains a facility used to store boxed Cylons' consciousnesses, which means that they can be revived there.
==The Colony==
:''Main article: [[The Colony]]''
[[Image:Cylon colony, "Daybreak, Part II".jpg|left|200px|The Colony]]
For all intents and purposes, the Colony serves as the home world for the modern Cylon race.  Built by the [[Final Five]] and the [[Cylon Centurion Model 0005|Centurions]] after the signing of the Cimitar Peace Accords, the Colony is a massive FTL-capable space station easily 10 times the size of a modern [[Basestar (RDM)|Basestar]].  The Colony is the source of all modern Cylon technology, from the post-war [[Cylon Centurion|Centurions]] and [[Raider (RDM)|Raiders]] to the [[Significant Eight]] humanoid Cylons themselves.
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