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I am an attorney located in Huntsville, Alabama. As if these weren't bad enough, I am also a semi-obsessive Battlestar fan. Which makes sense really, why else would I take the time to maintain some presence on Battlestar Wiki if I did not have at least a passing like for the show?

For people so inclined, my myspace URL:

Some thoughts/observations/ramdomalia.

-The new series is far and away superior to the original. I still have more of a sentimental attachment to the original, and miss the original musical theme (not to mention Maren Jensen), but the new series is simply fantastic and quite unique. Which is not to say it's perfect, but it's pretty damn good.

-I get argumentative sometimes, please bear with me. I am not trying to flame you. Furthermore, in the exceedingly remote event that I were to flame you, I would tell you I was doing so. Until then, it's all in the spirit of good fun. :)

-Other general sci-fi, "geekish" interests: Doctor Who (Tom Baker will always be the definite article, but I have been extremely happy with the new BBC series), Star Trek (not so much anymore, too many years of utter drek have now been offered under the Star Trek aegis, but I have hope for the future), Star Wars (ok, this one is obligatory), The Prisoner (possibly the best show ever aired on television).

-Other general obsessions: I am almost fanatical about all things ancient Rome. If you have never done so, I highly recommend Colleen McCullough's "Masters of Rome" series. The first book is titled "The First Man in Rome." Too many other varying interests to name effectively here. Oh yes, I know a few things about law.