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Sepera (BS 23)
Sepera (BS 23)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Yes
Crew: 2,500
CO: Admiral Walon
XO: Colonel Lucio
Role: Carrier / Battleship
Weapons: Primary and point-defense Kinetic Energy Weapons, conventional missiles, nuclear warheads, Vipers, Raptors
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Fate: Destroyed
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The Battlestar Sepera was a Mercury class battlestar under the command of Admiral Walon. When the 12 Colonies fell, the Sepera was stationed over Virgon. The Sepera was destroyed in the attack while providing cover for the fleeing colonists.

The Sepera was second only to the Battlestar Atlantia, the Colonial Flagship.


Shortly before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Sepera was stationed at Perseus Station above Virgon. When the Cylons attacked, the second Battlestar stationed at Perseus Station, the Battlestar Novus, was destroyed almost instantly. Assigned to oversee security of the planet, the Sepera was already in a defensive state of alert. This allowed the ship to hold off the Cylon attacks long enough for several civilian ships to spool up their FTL drives.