Gemenon Liner 1701

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Gemenon Liner 1701
Gemenon Liner 1701
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
FTL: Yes
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Role: Passenger Liner
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Fate: Abandoned during Cylon attack
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Gemenon Liner 1701 is one of the first ships to be found by Laura Roslin and Colonial One after the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. By the time the ship is found, it is in a spin and nearly powerless.

Only a few moments after the ship is found, two Cylon Raiders appear and launch nuclear missiles at the convoy. Lee Adama uses Colonial One's own FTL drive to flood an energy coil being stored in its hangar bay with an excess of energy, thereby producing an electromagnetic pulse. The pulse confuses the Cylon DRADIS into displaying a nuclear detonation, and has the added effect of disarming the nuclear warheads, thereby saving the convoy (Miniseries).

Following the attack, the ship is evacuated and left derelict, as there is no time to repair it, and it never becomes part of the Fleet.


  • The Gemenon Liner 1701 seems to share many of the Olympic Carrier's design features, suggesting a common manufacturer.
  • Throughout the series, a Gemon Liners passenger liner is seen throughout the fleet. This cannot be Gemenon Liner 1701 as it was abandoned in the Miniseries.
  • During an exterior shot just prior to this scene, Colonial One, a Gemenon Traveler/Kimba Huta type ship, and a Flattop-type ship can be seen approaching a red luxury liner, engaged in a clockwise spin. The captain of Colonial One announces that they will be approaching the liner's starboard docking hatch, which matches the physical arrangement of the ships in the external shot.
  • The CGI model of this ship, made available on Gabriel Köerner's website, identifies a liner in similar red livery as belonging to Gemon Liners.
  • The number '1701' is an in-joke to the registry numbers of the various Enterprises featured in Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ron D. Moore was a long-time writer for the Star Trek sequels.

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