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Galactica and Pegasus engage a basestar.

The Battle of the Resurrection Ship is Galactica's second offensive against the Cylons. Aided with a second battlestar, they attack the Cylon Resurrection Ship in the hopes of causing the Cylons to rethink their plans for chasing the Fleet.

The strategic impact of the Battle of the Resurrection Ship marked the first time since the beginning of the Second Cylon War that multiple Colonial battlestars engaged multiple Cylon basestars in battle. The Fall of the Twelve Colonies had been less a battle and more a one-sided slaughter of the Colonials by the Cylons.

The Battle of the Resurrection Ship has many similarities to the Battle of Midway.

Colonial forces suffered approximately four casualties, as well as the loss of the Blackbird and at least one Raptor. Cylon forces lost over ten thousand, as well as at least one base ship and the titular Resurrection Ship. The result was a decisive Colonial victory, both tactically as well as strategically. ...continued...